Super Ukemi Training at Rye – July 13

rye back beach no. 16

Okay, you know I’m joking, right? This picture is what is going to be in the BACKGROUND, as we practise on the soft sand.

The idea is to spend an hour or two at least finding a beautiful spot and exploring a bit and then getting into weapons practice, meditation, breathing etc. Maybe we will do some ukemi, too, if you don’t mind some sand on you!

It’s been years and years since I went to Rye back beaches, situated near where Tasman Drive and Browns Road meet, not far from the hot springs. I was so impressed by the rocks and pounding surf mixed with patches of soft sand, that I knew that one day I would be bringing my students here for Aikido and Ki training!

You’ll need to bring suitable shoes, your uniforms and weapons and anything else for the beach. I hope that it won’t be TOO cold, but then again, a bit of nip in the air didn’t deter the warriors of old from training.

We’ll be taking many photos down there, too.

More later.



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