The Fearsome Rear Bear Hug! Know What To Do? No – That’s Why Bullies Do It.

Being bear hugged from behind is a very severe attack – that’s why bullies and nasty folks like to do it!

Yes, yes, it is possible to stamp on their feet, elbow them or throw your head back into their face, but what if they are prepared for that or just plain tough?

Strength is not much use against even a person your own size when they get a good hold on you.

You need to know how to make some room, take their balance and lead them into a forward fall!

This can really only be done with correct focus and ABSOLUTE relaxation.


Yes, but not the kind of floppiness most people think of – real poise and grace.

Here Richard is tossing Angelo around for his 2nd Kyu grading in August, 2014.


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