Party & Movie Night Details


The party will be from 4.30 pm next Saturday, August 1, at Andrew & Kristy’s house. It’s in the same area as my house, but closer to Caroline Springs Boulevarde. I’ll email you all their address or you can just ask us for it in class.

The plan is to eat pizzas. Andrew assures me that the pizzas at his favourite local pizzeria are as good as the ones we used to eat in Keilor!

Maybe we can each contribute $20 towards the food and then bring little salads, desserts or dwinky-poos to add to the fun.

We’ll have a good yak, watch the movie at say, 6.30, and then those who want to go home earlier can do that – it won’t be midnight when the movie finishes and I’m sure some of us might stick around for a bit after that – not often that we get to catch up outside of Aikido.


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