Grading Day on Sunday!

Throwing off a bear hug.

A shot from our August grading last year.

Four of your fellow students – Richard, Mark, Angelo & Andrew will be going for their gradings this Sunday morning at Kawazoi Dojo. In order, they will be going for 1st kyu, 2nd kyu, 2nd kyu & 5th kyu / Shokyu in Ki.

For those who don’t know, 5th kyu is the first grading one does and then all the way up to 1st kyu. After that, one goes on to the dan gradings, which are black belt levels! (Yes, so Richard, Mark & Angelo are getting up there, as well as Tushan who is still recuperating from a knee injury. Keep an eye on Andrew, too – he’s on his way up the ranks with a great attendance record.)

Everyone is encouraged to attend with friends, families and show their support for their dojomates.

We’ll aim to get there by 8.30 to set up and get warmed up. Class begins at 9 – we’ll do some rehearsal practice and then get stuck into the gradings!

We aim to finish by 10.30.

I’d appreciate it if anyone (with a big boot) could give me a hand transporting mats from Inaka dojo to Kawazoi Dojo early on Sunday morning.

Remember always: “Be there, don’t be square. be triangulaire.”




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