The Seminar’s Thrust : Connect = Correct = Power

aikido communication

Roby Sensei is freshly returned from World HQ in Japan and told me that he has a lot of new things to share with us!

The thrust of the seminar is going to be ‘Connection & Focus.’

He said that the master teachers at HQ wanted us in Australia to correct our Aikido techniques much more. This is great news, because we know that the effectiveness of our art relies in correctness – the small details are the ones that make HUGE differences!

To be sure, changes in hand position, body movement and timing etc. are important, but for proper Aikido, one must be CONNECTED with the mind of the other – this is true for both Nage and Uke. It’s very spiritual-sounding, and is a great insight to be applied into daily life, but it is especially true for dangerous situations.

I’m going to be writing down some technical ‘suki’ or opportunities for uke to wiggle out of a pin or throw and thus becoming an opening for them to start fighting with us.

Most of the classes will be devoted to this aspect, but Sunday morning we are thinking of doing Sokushin no Gyo – otherwise known as ‘bell misogi’ . Sokushin no Gyo involves everyone chanting in unison.. AT THE HIGHEST DECIBELS… it is an ultimate Ki Development Method and leaves you feeling charged and refreshed. Once, I felt encased in concrete up to my one point afterwards – totally unified.

We don’t have a dojo set of japanese style bells, unfortunately, so we’ll have to make do with only our minds, bodies and voices.

On Sunday we’ll also be looking at weapons forms – the jo and bokken – including newspaper cutting! Oh yeah, it’s easy to do with a razor sharp knife, but how about with a bokken?!

I do not know all the details of what Roby Sensei has in store for us, but that is the fun of a seminar.


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