Brookside College Aikido a Success!

This term, Brookside College invited me in to conduct an initial 5 week program for some of their students in years 4,5 & 6.

I’ve just gotten all the responses back and we will be continuing the program in Term 4 with ALL students back on the mat! We’d also like several more Brookside students to join us.

The eight children were very excited to practise evading my wooden sword strokes in an imaginative game, rocking and rolling on the mats and of course, learning how to blend with attacks and lead their partners off balance and to the floor.

There is an alternative to fight or flight! Aikido is active and assertive, insisting on harmony. The more one practices, the less there is need to use force or violence to protect oneself.

What’s more, they learnt how to calm and focus their minds at their “One Points” (at the very bottom of the abdomen) and their partners applied pressure tests to make sure they were doing it properly.

When the mind is focussed in this way, we return to our natural state where mind and body are one.

Not only is it an essential human learning for a life of calmness and resilience, it also makes our bodies very balanced and solid! Aikido’s power comes from being in this state.



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