Bling Bling! Our Dojo Has Levelled Up!

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On Thursday night, we had four recognition ceremonies (this is what they really are, more than ‘gradings.’)

Christian, Benedict and Onel, a.k.a. ‘Neil’ demonstrated in front of parents and their fellow Aikidoka that they have attained Shokyu – the beginning level in mind / body unity and 5th kyu in Ki Aikido. Their efforts, particularly in the last month or so, led to polished performances and they should be congratulated on their efforts.

‘Progress comes to those who train and train.’ – Osensei

Sten also showed us that he has earnt the next level of mind / body unity known as ‘Chukyu.’ It had been a little over a year since his 4th kyu recognition, but this reflects the complexity of the various locks and pins required for 3rd kyu. Sten joins the elite ranks as the 7th person in the dojo’s history to attain these ranks – halfway to black belt.

Richard Sempai did a fine job as Sten’s uke and we had to put out extra mats for him to roll, so that Sten could do the big zenpo throws.

Congratulations everyone and you know what it means, don’t you? …. More practice!!!




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