Recognition (Grading) Night on Tomorrow!

2017 could easily be called “The Year of the Teenager” in our dojo’s twelve year history.

More than ever before, we have had a cohort of keen adolescents join up and decide they really like Aikido and tomorrow night is going to be their first grading night – I think ‘Recognition Ceremony’ is a better word for it, as people who present have already proven their dedication and prowess in the lead up to the night.

I have approved them to proceed onto stage and am sure they are meeting the criteria for their level.

Christian, Benedict and Neil (Onel) will be demonstrating Shokyu (novice level) in Mind / Body Unity and 5th kyu in Ki Aikido.

And Sten (one of the older, dignified gentlemen) will be going for his Chukyu level in Mind / Body Unity and 3rd kyu in Ki Aikido. 3rd Kyu is often one of the more technically demanding gradings as there are many joint  immobilisations and pins, and Sten has had to practise them over and over with feedback from me, Richard & Mark Sempai’s.

All family and friends are welcome to come along and take pictures and celebrate their progress.

Unlike the photo above however, coloured belts are only given to children in Aikido for motivation… Belt colour comes from a white belt becoming greyer through hard work over time until one completes their journeymanship and is awarded a black belt.


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