Ki Sayings #17


17. Spiritual Nature Mind

We humans have been given minds that are directly linked to the Universe. This is the Spiritual Nature Mind.

Water settles and clearly reflects the moon. When the mind has calmed down, the Spiritual Nature Mind manifests as a luminosity.

Once this mind radiates, all worldly passions, wicked desires and their shadows fall away and the Universal Mind of Love and Protection for all Creation scintillates forth. Let me polish my Spiritual Nature Mind.

Ki Sayings #16



16. The Method of Pressing with Ki (Kiatsu)

I learn the method of mind and body unity and grasp the Ki Breathing Method and am mastering the secret method of being able to absorb the Universal Ki in my whole body at any time.

When a well’s pump has run dry, it must be primed with water in order to extract new water. In this way, let me prime those suffering illness and misfortune with my Ki and provide the turning point that lets them make a fresh start on the path of happiness.

(Thank you to Eastern Ki Federation for the use of this picture. I’ll endeavour to replace it with one of my own soon.)

Is that a REASON or an EXCUSE?

This photo says it all.

aikido wheelchair

Feeling too nippy outside, haven’t had that second coffee, feeling a bit blue, tough day at the office?

Apart from having a contagious condition, there are rarely any reasons that aren’t somewhere on the excuse spectrum.

If you want to excel at anything, you can’t afford to put up with your own excuses.

People respect those who swim upstream to achieve results.

Think senior students, Senseis and masters don’t have to contend with similar issues as you?

Remember this warrior’s example and get yourself to the dojo.

Sensei back April 11!


Nimen hao from Taiwan, everyone!

Firstly, thank you all for your patience for the past three weeks while I spent time with Mai & Kay & Eva in Kyoto & Taiwan.

I’ll be back in Melbourne for Monday class at Kawazoi dojo from 7.30 to 9.30 and then children and adults classes as normal on Tuesday & Thursday from 5.15 to 6.45, 6.45  to 8.15 respectively at Inaka dojo.

We fitted in so much, and I was able to see Kay graduate from junior high and be there for Mai’s 19th birthday. The Japan leg of the trip was more about spending time to just BE with the kids. Nothing big to write about, but personally very important.

However, Taiwan is where we really cut loose! (much cheaper than Japan and definitely cheaper than Australia.)

Round the clock face stuffing at markets, which are everywhere, zipping around on scooters, playing chicken when crossing the road on foot, praying in ornate Taoist temples with incense laden air, discovering repressed shopaholic urges, mounting centuries old stone stairways lined with lanterns, taverns and stalls & taking in homegrown prog rock under the dark trees at night on the beach.

I haven’t processed it yet myself – just being in the relaxed flow.

See you all in the next few days!

Ki Sayings #15


15. The Ki Breathing Method

The outward breath extends to the eternal Universe, the inward breath settles inside the very pit of the abdomen. Ki Breathing is a secret method of mind and body unity.

If one carries this out alone at night, when the Universe has quietened down and there is silence, one will wonder if they are the Universe or the Universe is themselves. That is, one will reach the blissful mirror of being one body with the Universe.

At this time, the intrinsically human life force will be active at the highest level.

Ki Sayings #14

tohei enlarged

14. The Unmoving Mind

The true Unmoving Mind is not a mind that does not move. It is the state where its movements become powerfully minuscule and that becomes infinitely ever closer to an unmoving state. That is to say, it is that state of calmness that contains infinite motion.

Only when one absorbs and commits everything to this infinitely condensing movement does one attain the unmoving mind that does not move even though the mountains should crumble.

Ki Sayings #13

eye of the storm

13. The Accord of Calm and Motion.

Just as a top returns to calmness when it spins intensely, the pinnacle of motion is calmness. As with the quiet eye of the typhoon, movement receives its power from calmness. This is precisely the accord of calm and motion.

By always quietening and unifying mind at the one point in the lower abdomen, leisure arises amidst busyness, one does not lose presence of mind when facing serious issues and one is capable of achieving earthshaking effect in normal affairs.

Ki Sayings #12

12. The Ki Exercise Methods

So far, being unified when still has been easy. Rather, true unity is that of not disturbing your unification when in motion.

The Ki Exercise Methods are exercises for always maintaining unity at all times.

By putting these to practical use in all daily affairs I will  be able to give full play to the highest human abilities.