Ki Sayings #11


11. The Essence of Ki

The number One is the beginning of measuring all things. Even if this One is infinitely condensed, it never becomes Zero. This is because One cannot arise from Zero.

This infinitely decreasing stuff, this infinite aggregate is generally referred to as “Ki.”

The Ki of the Universe condensed is oneself, further condensed becomes the one point in the lower abdomen and further infinitely condensed does not stop but again becomes one with the Universe and one may experience the essence of Ki.


Ki Sayings #10


10. The Principle of Not Fighting

There is no strife in the absolute Universe, strife arises only in the relative world. If I unify mind and body and am one with the Universe and put its principles into practice, people will willingly accord with me.

Speak not of the struggle to survive and that the strong prey upon the weak. The way to true success is the principle of not fighting, that is to say, it is precisely one and the same as the way to peace.


Start of Classes for 2016


Akemashite omedetou! (Happy New Year) After 3 weeks away, I bet you’re eager to get back into the dojo – I sure am!

Classes are back on as in 2015, from Sunday, Jan. 10.

(Children’s classes are back on Tuesday, Jan 12.)

Go to this link if you’ve forgotten the times.

Seminar Video #3 – Create No Resistance

create no resistance

Nage must align their movement with uke and also keep the Ki flowing – that is, not force a throw on uke. This is also a principle for the mind!

Seminar Video #2 – Distance & Sightline


Let uke get too close to you and not only can you be grabbed or struck much more quickly and easily, but you cannot see their whole body movements. Sight should be around their nose and upper chest area.


Seminar Video #1 – No Separating!


Roby Sensei demonstrates how separating from your uke makes them naturally feel like resisting.

In this technique, Sensei begins his turn from one point and uke follows easily.

Let’s implement this right away!

End of the Aikido Year and Adult Grading – Dec. 20

lachie receives orange belt

Yes, the end is nigh, so make sure that you come as often as possible while class is still on.

There will be a break of approximately three weeks and we’ll be starting up again Jan 10.

Invitations to grade will be issued to those who have completed their progress sheets.

Ki Sayings #9


toitsuno in michael 2011


9. The Subconscious

The conscious mind is put together with material pulled from the Subconscious, which is an accumulation of past experiences and knowledge.

From now on, let me cease putting any minus matters into my subconscious, the storehouse of my mind.

Let me firmly maintain plus ki and stride through life with a positive spirit.




Ki Sayings #8

Mai pins Kay

8. Plus Life

The absolute Universe is One. Herein two reciprocal functions appeared and the relative world arose.

In the East, this is called the principle of Yin and Yang; in the West: Plus and Minus.

A bright, lively life is called Plus and a gloomy, dank life is called Minus.

From now on, let me eliminate all Minus concepts and strive towards a Plus Life.