Ki Sayings #7


7. Calmness

The place where the weight of an object settles is at its lowest point. That is to say, the state where the weight of the body is at its lowest point is called ‘calmness.’

The moon and birds are reflected in the water when the waves on the surface have calmed down. Similarly, the state of mind that clearly reflects existence is called ‘calmness.’

It is natural that humans are calm in their original state. Realise this principle and surely gain true calmness.

The Seminar’s Thrust : Connect = Correct = Power

aikido communication

Roby Sensei is freshly returned from World HQ in Japan and told me that he has a lot of new things to share with us!

The thrust of the seminar is going to be ‘Connection & Focus.’

He said that the master teachers at HQ wanted us in Australia to correct our Aikido techniques much more. This is great news, because we know that the effectiveness of our art relies in correctness – the small details are the ones that make HUGE differences!

To be sure, changes in hand position, body movement and timing etc. are important, but for proper Aikido, one must be CONNECTED with the mind of the other – this is true for both Nage and Uke. It’s very spiritual-sounding, and is a great insight to be applied into daily life, but it is especially true for dangerous situations.

I’m going to be writing down some technical ‘suki’ or opportunities for uke to wiggle out of a pin or throw and thus becoming an opening for them to start fighting with us.

Most of the classes will be devoted to this aspect, but Sunday morning we are thinking of doing Sokushin no Gyo – otherwise known as ‘bell misogi’ . Sokushin no Gyo involves everyone chanting in unison.. AT THE HIGHEST DECIBELS… it is an ultimate Ki Development Method and leaves you feeling charged and refreshed. Once, I felt encased in concrete up to my one point afterwards – totally unified.

We don’t have a dojo set of japanese style bells, unfortunately, so we’ll have to make do with only our minds, bodies and voices.

On Sunday we’ll also be looking at weapons forms – the jo and bokken – including newspaper cutting! Oh yeah, it’s easy to do with a razor sharp knife, but how about with a bokken?!

I do not know all the details of what Roby Sensei has in store for us, but that is the fun of a seminar.


Timing for the Seminar – brief outline

then there here now

All training is held at Kawazoi dojo, Ascot Vale. See our FB page for the address and map

Fri, Nov 20.

6.3o pm Please come from this time onwards and help out with cleaning of the dojo, set up and cleaning of the mats.

7.30 – 9.30 pm Session #1 with Kessler Sensei

We may go out with Sensei after this to the city or a nearby pub for an informal fun time. We’ll play it by ear, but not to worry, there are 2 scheduled social events on Sat and Sun nights!

Sat. Nov 21

11.00 am Be on time for set up of the mats.

11.30 am – 2.30 pm Session #2

– 2 hour lunch break – Up to individuals what they do

4.15 Be on time for preparation for class

4.30 – 7.30 pm Session #3

8.00 – Social Dinner at Riverside Events –

Sun. Nov 22

8.30 Be on time for set up of the mats.

9.00 am – 12.00 pm Session #4

– 2 hour lunch break – Up to individuals what they do

1.45 Be on time for preparation for class

2.00 – 5.oo pm Session #5

After 6.30 ish – Social BBQ at Andrew’s house in Caroline Springs –





Bookings for Saturday Night Dinner – All Welcome

restaurant ascot vale

6 hours of training can make a person very hungry.

To celebrate having Kessler Sensei down here, we’re off to after the seminar practice on Saturday, which ends at 7.30 pm.

Adam the gastronome has eaten there before and gives this Italian restaurant his approval.

The restaurant is a pleasant stroll from the dojo.

We’ll get there about 8 pm.

All partners and children are welcome, too, but you need to let us know asap how many of you will be coming so that we can finalise our booking.

Ki Sayings #6


tohei laughing

6. Relaxation

Needlessly troubling their nerves, constricting their capillaries, blocking off the road of eliminating internal impurities and suffering from all kinds of illness is the norm of the people of the world.

The elixir of long life and youth is none other than relaxation.

Facing things and being unmoved, always being like a pleasant spring breeze, I shall make the path of true relaxation known to the people of the world.


No Enemies Under Heaven

Ricky is one of our keen youngsters who had a session in class where they learnt to write the Kanji characters for a famous saying “Ten Ka Mu Teki”, which means: “Under Heaven No Enemies.”

Ricky liked it so much that he spent a long time working on a 3D painting with these characters, as well as the character for “Ki.”

tenkamutekiRicky No Enemies Under Heaven

His artwork will go up on the wall in Inaka dojo.

Even though the children are still very young, we talked about what this might mean.

At first, it might bring up images of a great epic hero who is invincible on the battlefield, that there is no foe on earth who can beat them. There is this interpretation, but how realistic is this? Even great warlords with nuclear arsenals to command have enemies – in fact, it’s usually the case that the more arrogant the attitude, the more others feel threatened and plot to overthrow or defeat such people.

No, the proper meaning is to view others with the Universal Mind – that we all are part of the unity of creation…Not an easy task, sometimes, right?

If we have a very deep awareness of the interconnectedness and ONENESS of everything, there cannot be true enemies.

ricky's art

Of course, most people are not aware of this and see everyone as separate in some way – race, nationality, political persuasion, orientation etc and so their lives are full of conflict, judgement and in the worst cases, violence and suffering.

Aikido practice fosters this awareness and realise that we are much more effective at relating to others when we see our connection.

These are not just warm concepts; in this state of mind it is much easier to keep your balance and composure and lead attacks to the floor without aggression. Just because we reframe our view of an attacker, does not mean that they will not attack us. The attack is the issue – it breaks harmony, but just because the attacker is deluded and thinks they can injure others, does not mean they are our enemy.

Conflict results from fear and a limited view of separateness.

The spirit of love and protection naturally arises when we are deeply aware of our oneness with all.

What a great lesson to learn at such a young age!


Children Participants Welcome at Kessler Seminar






There have always been many children at Kessler Sensei’s seminars here in Melbourne.

Here is some archival footage from his 2008 seminar. His uke is my son, Kay, who is having a great time and a life experience.

His big sister, Mai, is also in the front row. Both of them went on to become our longest training students and the highest ranked children in our dojo’s history.

If you wanted to know where I got the ‘Magic Footwork’ from, it was this seminar! Every seminar leads to great insights both technical and personal.

Both children & adults can get a lot out of it.

Some pics from our BIG 2010 seminar – the first time we rented Keilor Scout Hall!


kessler profile


Mai 2010 Seminar Kay 2010 Seminar 193233_188638621174227_6969925_o

Takegiri: Amazing Feat of Ki Cutting


This feat is not possible when done with any tension. Roby Kessler Sensei cutting 25mm Bamboo in half with the Bokken ( wooden Sword ) being supported by 2 pieces of paper with slits in them and without damaging the paper, at the Ki Aikido Seminar in Brisbane, June 2015 with Kashiwaya Sensei.

Only a Few Places Left for Kessler Seminar

Capture  Kessler Randori

Roby Kessler Sensei, my teacher from 1997 and Chief Instructor of Aikido Ki Society North Queensland is teaching us from Nov. 20 – 22!

His seminar is almost booked out, but we have room on the mat for a few more.

If you are thinking of attending, let me know straight away on 0425745780

I will be emailing the database today to ensure that we have full attendance. First come, first booked in.


Kessler Nikyo with Mike Howland




Ki Sayings #5

5. The One Point of the Lower Abdomen

The Universe is an infinite circle described by an infinite radius.  This condensed is me, and still further condensed is the one point of the lower abdomen.

I envelop the one point of the center of the Universe in the lower belly.

I shall calm and unify mind at this one point and radiate boundless Ki towards the Universe.