Ki Sayings #4

4. The Unity of Mind and Body

Mind and Body are fundamentally one.

I must not think my power is only the visible portion of the iceberg and moan that I am powerless.

When I have unified mind and body and completely left things up to the Universe, I can fully display the great power that is essentially human.

Ki Sayings #3

3. The Way of Union With Ki

The absolute Universe is one. This is called ‘Ki’.

My life and body are born of the Ki of the Universe. I learn the principles of the Universe, am together with the Universe.

There is nothing to lament or fear. The road I walk is the great Way of the Universe, which no impediment or hardship can hinder.

If I reflect on myself and find I am correct, I shall have the mettle to boldly proceed even though faced by ten million people.

Ki Sayings #2

2. The Value of My Life’s Existence

My life is born of the Universe.

Let me be grateful for receiving life in this world not as a plant or animal, but as a spiritual primate of creation.

I pledge to fulfil my mission and take part in the great governance of the formation and development of the Universe.

Ki Sayings #1

1. Motto.

I shall make my mind the Universal Mind that lovingly protects and nurtures all existence. The essential point of my practice is to unify mind and body and be one with the Universe.

The Four Great Principles of Mind & Body Unity

1. Calm and unify the mind at the One Point in the lower abdomen.
2. Completely release tension from the entire body.
3. Place the weight of every part of the body at its lowest point.
4. Extend Ki.

Four Achieve White Belt on Sunday – Records Broken

In the morning on Sunday, August 30, Andrew, Mark, Angelo & Richard displayed their abilities in Aikido and Mind & Body Unification.

Respectively, they attained the ranks of 5th kyu & Shokyu in Ki, 2nd kyu, 2nd kyu & 1st kyu and kept their white belts – yep, no coloured belts in Aikido – it keeps us humble and centered on what really matters: training. Since our dojo began in late 2005, there has never been any student who attained 1st kyu (one rank away from black belt) and now we have three 2nd kyus (including Tushan) which is also a first.

Andrew may have passed his first grading, but he is already expressing his hunger to go for 4th kyu asap. With that determination, he is well on the way to getting it.

Congratulations to all of them. Ranks are not attained easily in Aikido and it takes dedicated practice to pass.

IMG_1478 IMG_1476 IMG_1470 IMG_1469 IMG_1464 IMG_1465

The big highlight of the day would have to have been Mark’s high flying ukemi when he assisted Richard.

I was personally very happy that we had 11 people in the dojo to support the boys. It’ll be those people out front next time.

The grading days are just occasions to demonstrate to one’s peers and Sensei that all that work has culminated in a certain level of proficiency.

Where to from here for these four? Back to the dojo for more training, of course!

The Way is about Now – going for a new rank is a method to ensure commitment and intensive study over time.

They say that Aikido is a Journey – the Journey is full of challenges and surprises, but Tohei Sensei said that if one would go south, then one must face south. And then start walking resolutely.


Grading Day on Sunday!

Throwing off a bear hug.

A shot from our August grading last year.

Four of your fellow students – Richard, Mark, Angelo & Andrew will be going for their gradings this Sunday morning at Kawazoi Dojo. In order, they will be going for 1st kyu, 2nd kyu, 2nd kyu & 5th kyu / Shokyu in Ki.

For those who don’t know, 5th kyu is the first grading one does and then all the way up to 1st kyu. After that, one goes on to the dan gradings, which are black belt levels! (Yes, so Richard, Mark & Angelo are getting up there, as well as Tushan who is still recuperating from a knee injury. Keep an eye on Andrew, too – he’s on his way up the ranks with a great attendance record.)

Everyone is encouraged to attend with friends, families and show their support for their dojomates.

We’ll aim to get there by 8.30 to set up and get warmed up. Class begins at 9 – we’ll do some rehearsal practice and then get stuck into the gradings!

We aim to finish by 10.30.

I’d appreciate it if anyone (with a big boot) could give me a hand transporting mats from Inaka dojo to Kawazoi Dojo early on Sunday morning.

Remember always: “Be there, don’t be square. be triangulaire.”




(Don’t) Stand & Fight!

Fighting is the least effective way to deal with an attack.

Presumably, an attacker perceives that they have an advantage over you – size, speed, strength, viciousness or intimidation. If they are still on their feet, you might hit or wrestle with them, but they can do the same to you and they might do so a lot HARDER.

And what if there is more than one attacker or they have a weapon? There’s no time to stand around and fight, unless you are confident that you can take them out before it is their turn.

Do them a favour and help them to the floor – you’ll be safe and they won’t get bad karma for hurting you.

I saw this technique in an old book of Tohei Sensei’s from the 1960s titled ‘Aikido.’

It is extremely easy to do and I’d recommend it to smaller people for dealing with a stronger, heavier person seizing you by the lapel and possibly then laying into you!

Not sure how this works? Looks too good to be true? The guy is not REALLY going for her?

If you’re not sure, then that’s a great place to start your enquiries.

Oh, it’s true alright. And it doesn’t look as unbelievable as when a black belt or master does it. Just because something is highly intelligent and has centuries of development behind it doesn’t mean it’s FAKE – it means it is more effective than your knowledge and experience allows you to believe.

The attacker is not totally lunging at the young lady, because he knows he will probably faceplant, because he is supremely off balance. That said, he is giving her a committed attack and if she did not do Aikido, he would have great control over her.

Ah, but the smaller person could then strike the bigger bully! Yes, they could play that game with someone twice their weight and strength, at a huge disadvantage and hope that they get them on the first strike, because then the bully will be even more worked up.

It’s always best to avoid their strength and take their balance – the bigger and faster they are, the harder they fall.

I myself tried this move with one of my senior students an hour after teaching it to him. I decided to attack him full force once he had practised the move many times and it was natural. Instead of a shoulder grab, I turned it into a hook punch. He disappeared and I found myself hurtling down to the mat. I knew how to roll, so was unhurt, but it would have been very dangerous for me if I did not know how to save myself.



The Partay.

photo 1 photo 2

We had a jovial time at Andrew & Kristy’s house last Saturday night. We ate delicious cheeses and gourmet pizza, had a drink or two, had a comfortable chat in the warmth and then sat down to watch ‘Fearless’.
I myself found it stimulating listening to everyone and learning more about them and life! Everyone has their own perspectives and unique experiences and there’s so much to learn from them.
In one of the shots, the guys are showing off their new dojo beer coasters, er, badges for their uniforms. Let’s hurry and get them sewn on!

Party & Movie Night Details


The party will be from 4.30 pm next Saturday, August 1, at Andrew & Kristy’s house. It’s in the same area as my house, but closer to Caroline Springs Boulevarde. I’ll email you all their address or you can just ask us for it in class.

The plan is to eat pizzas. Andrew assures me that the pizzas at his favourite local pizzeria are as good as the ones we used to eat in Keilor!

Maybe we can each contribute $20 towards the food and then bring little salads, desserts or dwinky-poos to add to the fun.

We’ll have a good yak, watch the movie at say, 6.30, and then those who want to go home earlier can do that – it won’t be midnight when the movie finishes and I’m sure some of us might stick around for a bit after that – not often that we get to catch up outside of Aikido.


Upcoming Party & Movie Night

The trailer from the movie that we’re going to be watching at Andrew & Kristy’s house on August 1!

It is more than just amazing action – there’s a meaning beyond that and it’s based on actual events.

Jet Li’s “Last Martial Arts Film” – quote from 2006. Sounds like the promo for John Farnham’s Farewell Concerts to me.

Jet_Li_in_Fearless_Wallpaper_3_1280 Jet_Li_in_Fearless_Wallpaper_6_800