Private Consulting

So, you want to turbo boost your progress? Fabulous! Here’s my suggestion.

The lessons can be done at Inaka dojo where I have a suitable practice area with a soft surface – or we may be able to do it in a park.

We will also arrange a time and day, preferably the same time and day each time.

Because you will be wanting to maximise your learning in your private classes, I will discuss with you what results you are seeking and tailor the lessons and homework to help you achieve them – remember, a sensei can only point the way; it is up to the student to do the work required to ensure that they reach their goals.

If you can prove to me that you are doing your bit, then I will continue to make sure that you get thorough instruction to take you to the next level in a solid, steady, streamlined manner.

My first private student progressed very rapidly. When another Ki Aikido instructor came to visit, he saw Darren practising and asked me how long he had been doing Aikido. The instructor could hardly believe that it had only been four months. This is only natural when you are practising one on one or in a very small group with a good coach.

It is important to train with a variety of people, of course, but my attitude has always been to learn from the best around. That is why I moved to Japan – to train directly under Tohei Sensei and his senior disciples and then later to Cairns, to train under Roby Kessler Sensei, the senior instructor of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido in Australia.

Although I will teach you the curriculum I normally teach, I will be picking up all the finer points from the outset, so that you develop solid habits of movement and correct technique, as well as deep unity of Mind & Body, the pinnacle of martial arts and meditation disciplines.

You can also tell me what areas interest you most (weapons, Ki development, self defence, meditation..) or where you need the most work and I will focus on these. I will also give you practice tasks to do at home to make sure that you are ready for the next step.

I recommend you also come to our regular classes, in order to train with different people so that you broaden your experience and surround yourself with other enthusiastic students who can support and encourage you.

Why not find some other friends to train with you? (There might even be some people in the regular classes who will join you.) It becomes cheaper the more people do it and you will still receive a lot of personal attention. You can learn a lot by watching another person doing the technique or having it done to them and you will also be right there when I correct them, so you will also learn from their mistakes.