Payment Terms & Conditions

These are the Terms and Conditions for the payment of regular fees to Melbourne Ki Aikido Kai.

When you join up – 

Regular Monthly Payments – Once a week option. Currently, the fees for once a week are $120 a month. If a student wishes to do an extra class, then  and the fees for twice a week are $210 a month.

When students pay for twice a week, they are also allowed to come to extra lessons free of charge. These extra lessons are kept on file for times when the student is unable to come to class or the instructor needs to cancel a class due to health or absence. Extra lessons are deducted from any make-up classes.

For option 2, the second and third payments will be due on the first business day in the following two months.

Initial 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – We offer a guarantee valid for the first 30 days after a student signs up. If within this time, the student wishes to discontinue their training, then they need only pay for the first month’s training; the second and third month will not need to be paid, or, if the student paid the entire three months up front, then the last two months’ fees will be refunded. The $65 membership fee is non-refundable. Obviously, a student who chooses to quit within the first 30 days but who has received a free or discounted uniform or any other bonuses will need to pay the full price for these before they are released from their initial 3 month contract.

After the first thirty days, new students agree to pay all remaining training fees, regardless of whether they attend the full term or not. Failure to pay these fees will be referred to a debt collection agency.


Family Discount

If you would like to attend classes together with other family members (from the same household under the same wage earners) each of you will receive a 20% discount!

This family discount does not apply to people paying the concession rate and there is a minimum hourly rate.

Annual Membership Fees

When students join up for the first time, they will be charged a non refundable $65 membership fee. This grants them membership to our club and to Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido Kai, the international federation of Ki Aikido schools founded by Master Koichi Tohei.

This fee is valid for one year from the month the student joined. At the beginning of the next calendar year, the student will need to pay the remaining membership fees for the remainder of that year.

This is best shown with an example. Stan starts in March 2012. He pays $65 for one year’s worth of membership. However, at the beginning of 2013, he must pay for the remainder of his 2013 membership. Because Stan started in March 2012, he needs to pay for 10 months in 2013. (Mar to Dec). This then would be $65 divided by 12 months times 10 months = $54.16.


We offer new, quality uniforms to people who, directly after their first class and talking with the Sensei, feel that they would like to commit to an initial three months’ practice.  They will receive it once their first payment has been received. This is valued at  $55, but there is an option to upgrade to a deluxe, traditional Aikido Uniform for an extra $40.

If the student would prefer to take more time to think about whether they want to pursue Aikido, they are welcome to, but the uniform will then cost them full price.


A weapons set may also be ordered from us for an additional $105. It includes an oaken bokken (sword), jo (staff) and tanto (dagger) in a luxurious carry bag with shoulder strap. These are part of an Aikidoka’s tools of trade and are a must for the serious student, as they are ideally suited to practice outside of class. You will find that we often use them for certain parts of regular lessons and students are expected to bring their set each time.

Grading Fees

There is a fee of $55 for all Aikido kyu gradings and a further $55 for any Ki gradings. Gradings are held in the final junior and senior lessons of each quarter, but this does not mean each person will necessarily be ready to undergo testing each time. Included in this fee is a new coloured belt for children up to the age of 15 and an official certificate of attainment, registered at Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido Kai world headquarters in Japan.

If we ever need to cancel a class

In rare cases where classes are cancelled due to instructor illness or emergency, then we will make every effort to contact you beforehand to arrange a time for a make–up lesson. In the case where you cannot attend a make-up lesson, then that lesson’s fees shall be refunded to you.

Making up classes that you are unable to attend

While you sign up for a certain number of hours of training each week, we realise that there are often work and family commitments, rotating rosters, sickness that sometimes prevent you from coming to class. No problem. You can make up those missed classes within that calendar month.

But what if you are already coming to the maximum number of classes offered and there are no times available for make up classes?  Then, when we have a Melbourne Ki Aikido Kai seminar or special class, you may use the value of your missed classes in the previous three months to reduce your payment for that seminar.

It is up to you to make up missed classes within the month – in other words, come to training!

Extra classes

If you want to do extra training during a certain month and go over your monthly quota, then we will charge you a fee of $15 for a single hour or $25 for a double hour of extra training, which you can pay in cash before class.

Make up classes for scheduled dojo breaks

Generally, training continues throughout the year and we only stop to break for three weeks at the beginning of the summer school holidays. (Roughly the last two weeks of December and the first week of January.)

All payments remain the same, but students have the months of December and January to make up their hours, so they should be coming more often while training is on in these two months.

Concession Rates

For students or parents of child students, there is a concession rate available to health care card holders and university students. You will, of course, need to show us proof and you only receive the discount for as long as your cards are valid. For children with one or both parents with a health care card, there is a 20% discount. University students living away from their family home also receive a 20% discount.