Below is a collection of testimonials written by current and former members.

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“The ability to defend oneself against a much larger or more agitated person with a minimum of effort is paramount in my line of work. Since starting at Michael Sensei’s dojo I have learnt there is more to Aikido than the physical art. I have found it to be a very peaceful and relaxing environment to train in. I would recommend this to anyone interested in learning a martial art and broadening their mind. “ – Andrew, Police Officer

“Since commencing Ki Aikido, I have been amazed at how much more attuned to my daily surroundings I have become. With less emphasis on power / strength, and more towards my mind, Ki Aikido is gentle on my body during training, whilst still giving me a considerable workout. Oh, and the bonus is the confidence to defend myself.” – Genio, Computer Security Businessman

‘A calm dojo where you pick up techniques quickly through the close attention of the highly skilled Sensei. Now, I am much more patient, have stronger posture and have a much more positive outlook.’ – Michelle, Entertainment Facility Manager

“Other martial arts just focus on self-defence, which is good, but Ki Aikido focuses on self defence with MIND AND BODY UNIFICATION which is a lot more powerful. I also like learning about the history and traditions of Japan as well as training with the sword and staff.” – Michael, University Student

I enjoy focusing on weapons and body movement. Mind and body unification comes in handy in everyday life, especially in stressful or confrontational situations at work. The exercises are very calming. I would recommend Ki Aikido to everyone so they can be more conscious of their bodies.” – Witek, Public Servant

‘I like Ki Aikido for its ‘getting out of the way’ techniques. I find Ki to be quite magical; something that I can use in any aspect of life. It also has taught me that calmness and relaxation is the best defense.’ – Michele, Public Servant

” After many years of interest in Aikido, finding Ki Aikido has had a positive effect on me. I have a much calmer outlook and feel a lot fitter. I always look forward to my classes.” – Geoff, Delivery Truck Driver

“I have found that Ki Aikido is beneficial for me in many ways, in particular I find that it’s philosophy on life is soothing to the mind allowing the true power within oneself to be exercised through technique as well as thought.” – Justin, Councillor

Children’s Class Testimonials

“Our son expressed interest in wanting to learn a martial art. We went and observed a different martial arts class at a different centre, but we only stayed several minutes. My husband and I didn’t like the way the class was being run, nor did we like the teacher’s teachings. Our son is a non aggressive child and we believed Ki Aikido would be the perfect form of martial arts for him.” – Arlene, Public Servant

“I feel much stronger now that I am learning Ki Aikido, I feel more confident when I am around other people especially at school, and I have heaps of fun during my Ki Aikido classes “ –Roselee, age 9

“Definitely recommended. Ki Aikido instils discipline in children and also gives them the confidence they are capable of taking care of themselves…My son is very mischievous and has a short attention span. Surprisingly, he likes Aikido and looks forward to it. I think it is due to the small class size where he gets individual attention and also the way it is taught. He has started applying what he is learning at the dojo in day to day life. That’s great. Keep it up Michael.” – Kaivan

“I would rather do Ki Aikido than any other martial art because it is not AGGRESSIVE.” – Carla, age 10

“I feel I have been calmer and able to concentrate better since starting Ki Aikido. All aspects of my life have improved so much, such as my studies, relationships and outlook. Never have I experienced such a positive transformation to my life.” – Jeremy, age 10

“My son is less scared of the child that was bullying him at school and when other children have pushed him he has stood his ground and not been as emotional. (After only 17 hours of lessons! -ed.) Ki Aikido is not all about shows and tournaments, which are very costly and very time consuming. Everyone I have spoken to regarding martial arts either state that the instructors are too hard on the students or not hard enough. I feel you know when to be stern and when to be fun for the kids. Overall I think this was by far the right choice for my son.” – Kathy