What Is Your Life Worth?

What Is Your Life Worth?

What is your physical safety worth? What is your child’s / partner’s / friend’s safety worth to you?

How much are you willing to invest in acquiring the skills to dramatically increase your chances of protecting them and yourself? It is a blunt question, but if you were threatened with violence right now, what would be your reaction? Well, hopefully you are not, but how many times have you been part of an accident that just happened? Violence can happen to us all of a sudden. We cannot control everything that happens to us, but we can prepare and thereby reduce our risk of being hurt.

What is your life worth?

Not your survival, but quality of life? How much unnecessary suffering have you brought upon yourself and others through weaknesses such as indecision, worry, low self esteem, emotions out of control, poor health from neglect and ignorance and relating to others in a negative way? If you think about it, I’m sure you can think
of plenty of times. To be honest, I , too, used to suffer from many of these before I started Aikido. Sometimes I felt my life was not worth much. Thankfully, I have put many of these negative traits behind me and my life is much calmer and more self actualised.

Here are 5 of the top benefits that you get if you commit to regular, serious practice of Ki Aikido. The more you practice, the greater the benefit. Let’s go forward in time and imagine you as a black belt Aikidoka. You have naturally absorbed all of these benefits into your mind and body; into your very nervous system. They are not separate subjects
you studied in isolation; they were all aspects of the one practice and in combination they have become powerful habits that have changed your life.

Benefit #1 Protect Yourself and Others with Confidence – You are sensitive to and aware of your surroundings so that you take the initiative and sidestep many dangerous situations before they happen! When the danger is unavoidable, you have the calmness, focus and confidence to use highly effective Ki Aikido techniques to redirect your
assailant’s force, throwing or immobilising them. You are able to immediately diffuse the attack in such a way that no one is injured – even the attacker. You are also able to handle armed and multiple attackers.

Benefit #2 Unshakeable Mind and Immovable Body – You are extremely powerful and effective because you calm and focus your mind and allow your body to be correctly relaxed and poised. This immovable state has awoken you to a new dimension of connectedness and harmony, rather than fear, aggression and separation. Of course, this natural state has not only revolutionised your practice of Aikido, you have used it to transform your daily life! (This deep mind and body unity has been taught to famous athletes and sportspeople, as well as performers, professionals and businesspeople and has been the catalyst that took them on to success.)

Benefit #3 Positive Habits of Mind – Everybody has their ups and downs, but unfortunately many people are tossed around on the seas of Life without a rudder and never reach their destiny. You, on the other hand, have habits of thought, speech, movement and deed that keep you on a path with heart. When Life presents you with the inevitable
obstacles on the way, instead of reacting with habits of worry, anger, low self esteem and sickness, you transform the situation with habits of resilience, enthusiasm, confidence and radiance.

Benefit #4 Health, Fitness & Healing – Ki Aikido is a meaningful and exhilarating form of whole body exercise that leaves you buoyant and glowing after practice. The natural movements exercise your muscles and mobilise your joints and your bones have been strengthened through safely tumbling on the mats. With intensive, regular practice you
notice increased muscle tone and control, your posture is light and aligned. Your breathing is deep and oxygen saturates the cells of your entire body, promoting the release of tension and toxins and boosting your immune system. (Some students report permanent relief from back pain and stiff shoulders.) Your sleep is deep and calm and you wake up with
energy and a light, expectant feeling. You also know how to promote healing and wellbeing in yourself and others by channelling energy through your mind and body.

Benefit #5 Enhanced Relationships – Life is about relationships – everything is connected. Although competition has its place, in most things the ability to work together in harmony is far more effective and beneficial for all. Ki Aikido is perfect practice in living with respect, love and gratitude and you bring this paradigm more and more into your
interactions with people outside the dojo. By being this way, you have more peace, love and prosperity in your heart and your family, friends and colleagues are all touched and influenced by it.

If you are serious about investing in your life, then you have taken the important first step. Now is the right time. We make the decision easy for you, but only you can take the first step. Believe me, your life is worth it.